Otti Made for Scullery Made - Bespoke Matcha Set


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When two tea-obsessed girls get together over a never ending pot across a farmhouse table on a hill, there's more than good tea brewing! Cups of 'how-bout-this' and 'wouldn't-that-be-gorgeous' start to flow, and before you know it, the kiln's fired up, local clay is being thrown and Otti Made have created the perfect bespoke tea bowl to hold our new matcha. We think it's possibly the coolest way to create; when tea and ideas are brewed at the same time, and it all ends up back in your two hands, wrapped around the next cup of tea. A pretty delicious kind of creative circle is complete! And so is our local take on a hand crafted matcha set; bespoke pottered matcha bowl, hand carved wooden spoon up cycled from local materials, bamboo chasen, handmade chasen dish and your choice of Scullery Made Matcha. With every respect for the long held tradition of matcha making, along with Otti Made, we're so excited to add a beautiful local touch to things from where we are, here in the Barossa.

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